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Climate Abandoned

Climate Abandoned, became a #1 Amazon Bestseller on its first day of publication, Earth Day, 2019. It is an anthology of scientists and climate experts who explain how abandoning our planet at this crucial point in history is to utterly forsake our duty and allegiance to civilization itself. Sounds over dramatic? Well, it’s not.

America Abandoned

The American people have been abandoned. Behemoth corporations, the uber-rich, the media, Congress, and the Supreme Court have withdrawn their support from “We, the People”, in spite of their duty, allegiance, or responsibility to American citizens.

Award-winning Author

Jill Cody

I wrote America Abandoned ~ The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy because I did not realize how much I valued this country until I witnessed it slipping away. I had a deep, resonant feeling inside that I needed to find out what happened to the country I now realized I had always loved and saw evaporating before my eyes.

Abandonment is forsaking our duty, allegiance and responsibility in the life roles we play. Will those roles be constructive and compelling or destructive and repelling to the American Dream? What could we each do to recapture and reignite that dream? I started to see the invisible force of abandonment everywhere and that there was, in fact, no safety net for America. Except us.

By Jill Cody

America Abandoned

The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy


From right wing conservatives to Wall Street fat cats, progressive writer Jill Cody delivers a no-holds-barred look at a country that’s becoming politically, morally and financially bankrupt.”

— Thom Hartmann, nationally syndicated talk show host and bestselling author

America Abandoned explains what happened and how the corporations and billionaires took over America. Our democracy has been stolen. Greedy, dishonorable thieves stole it while we trusted them and they abandoned us. A powerful moment in our lives happens when we first realize we have lost something, especially something of great value. We are stunned. We feel empty inside. “We want it back!”