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“A Democrat and Republican Talk” Ground Rules


These ground rules were cooperatively drafted between Kristen Collishaw, Santa Cruz County Republican Central Committee Chair, Andrew Hanauer, One America Movement President and CEO and Jill Cody,

  • Be positive, non-judgmental, and open to new ideas. Treat everything you hear as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Expect to be surprised.
  • Listen. We are not debating. Listen to understand how someone got to where they are and how they see the world, not to change their mind.
  • You do not need to know everything. OK to say “I don’t know.” Or to say, “Get back to you next time.”
  • Ask questions that can deepen your understanding rather than questions that can increase your capacity to argue.
  • Not ready to answer a question? Just “pass.” There is no pressure to answer every question perfectly. If needed, the next talk can have a “wish I said” time.
  • Assume good intentions. Seek clarification by asking “tell me more” or “could you say more about what you mean,” if you find yourself offended by what they say.
  • Be brief and meaningful when voicing your opinion. Be intrigued by the difference you hear. OK to disagree; without being disagreeable.
  • Respect thinking and value contributions. Be self-aware. Some things that people say will be hard for to hear. Keep an awareness of your own reaction – physiological, emotional, mental, and try to understand what’s going on for you in the conversation.
  • Bring your humor and have fun! (This is what makes great radio!)